d3d11 dll and dxgi dll missing sleeping dogs

Gamers come up to us complaining of various types of issues related to the d3d11.dll and dxgi.dll files while playing games like Sleeping Dogs. They would at times complain that they cannot run Sleeping Dogs as the d3d11.dll and the dxgi.dll files are missing from the game. Or at times, they get error messages after they have upgraded from a lower version of Windows to an upper one, which says the game is not designed to run in this version of Windows. There are other issues as well. Let us look into some of them at least, if not all.

In some cases, games like Sleeping Dogs will start running all right, but will crash out, returning a BSOD or Bluer Screen of Death. Now this happens as and when the d3d11.dll and the dxgi.dll files are missingor not found in Sleeping Dogs. This happens while attemptsto play other games are made as well, and this can only be solved only with the help of a genuine d3d11 dll error rectifier tool.

There are other issues well, like some would find that whenever they attempt to start up some games, they will crash out returning an APPCRASH error message, and a BSOD or a Blue Screen of Death. This happens more so when they have upgraded from a lower version of Windows to an upper one and this can only be taken care of and resolved with the help of the dedicated d3d11.dll error rectifier tools that are developed categorically to deal with these issues.

Again, the ones with Windows 8.1 will at times find that the Internet Explorer cannot be run as the moment they attempt to run it, the explorer exe file will keep on crashing.This again is a classic case of d3d11.dll file missing from the system.

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