check disk blue screen windows 7

The Windows start-up process always looks very easy. You start the laptop. Windows starts loading and then within seconds the desktop appears. Then you start working on your Windows. But in reality, innumerable files are loaded automatically within those seconds. These files might have .exe or.dll or .sys extensions. The ones with the .exe extensions are called executable files. They help to execute or run programs on Windows. Even simple functions like opening folders require these files.

Take for example, the Windows prebuilt program Check Disk. It helps to look for and repair disk errors and file related issues on Windows. You can run it using Windows Command Prompt. To open it, you have to press the 'Windows' and 'R' key. That will bring up the cmd.exe tab. Then you can type in chkdsk and press enter. But what if, after doing that nothing happens. You see that chkdsk is failing to run. This can happen if the exe file for chkdsk has been corrupted.

But that's the least of your worries. The chkdsk file is also loaded during the start - up process. Thus, Windows requires it function properly. If the file is corrupted Windows will no longer be able to load the file. You will see that on trying to run chkdsk, the screen is turning blue. Then Windows shuts down and restarts automatically. This error event is called a Windows 7 Check Disk blue screen of death or BSOD. You can use a freeware like BlueScreenView to check the reason. You will see that the blue screen was caused by a 'system thread exception not handled m'error.Thebug check code is 0x1000007E. It was caused by the chkdsk file.

You can solve this check disk exe blue screen issue in Windows 7 easily. You do not need to reinstall Windows or buy a new PC. You can remove the damaged file and install a new copy. And to find the right file and install it automatically, a chkdsk.exe repair software can help.

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