How to repair dwm exe

Maurice had through that he had found some bugs on his Windows 10 computer that had been related to the use of the dwm.exe process. Most of them had begun after the Technical Preview build had been installed.

These are expected when you add new updates to your system and one of the first things that had been noticed was the start menu - this did on respond in the expected way. The Cortana assistant and the other items on the menu did not respond once they had been clicked on.

Although there was no other signs of anything that had gone wrong, the WER logs had kept recording these crashes with the dwm.exe. The application crashes are known to happen as the Technical Preview update for Windows 10 is still in its developmental stage and a good number of the features may not work after it had been installed.

It is not known if these updates had been installed through the ISO image or the Windows Update section, but these issues on Maurice's system can be fixed with the system files checker. So that's one way how to repair dwm.exe problems. The methods to do the same for the Windows 7 error that involved the explorer.exe and the dwm.exe had been slightly different.

There was an Error 000000022 code that appeared on these dialog boxes and the user had to figure out how to repair the dwm exe and the explorer.exe as the system would not boot. This could be fixed temporarily through the safe mode where the system restore had been used but the error came back again. No new changes or installations had taken place other than the use of the Sony Blue Ray player. This device had accessed the laptop through the Wireless internet connection so that it could load some video files on to an eternal TV screen.

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