How to fix dwm.exe Windows 7

How to fix Windows 7 dwm.exe errors? Many users have asked this question. Dwm is the Desktop Window Manager file. Issues related to the dwmfile can make using Windows almost impossible. They might start getting issues like the ones mentioned below.

Carol Gunther from Auburn, New York states that she was running Windows 7 on her PC. She has recently upgraded to Windows 10. However, after the OS upgrade she is getting an error. She sees that she is unable to install D Link modem DWM 157 in Windows 10. The drivers get installed. But Windows 10 is unable to detect the device. The issue is a result of dwm file location corruption. The Windows registry can be repaired using a dwm.exe fix tool. Then she will be able to install the required files correctly.

Pearl Burrell from Ashland, Mississippi says that she has been running Windows 7 on her laptop for years. She installed a few updates including the Service Pack 1 recently. Since then, she is getting an error message. It states that Desktop Window Manager has stopped working.She can inspect the Event Viewer. She sees that dwm appcrash issues are occurring. Ntdll.dll is the module responsible. The exception code is 0xc0000005. She is wondering how to fix this dwm .exe error in Windows 7. The solution can be found by installing uncorrupted copies of the files. A dwm.exe repair software can be used for that.

Nina from Ballston Spa, New York mentions that dwm uses a lot of CPU on her Windows 10. She sees that the mouse starts flickering. She can see from the Task Manager that dwm is using over 90 percent of the CPU. She is looking for a way to replace the file. A dwm repair tool is ideal for that.

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