Fix powershell has stopped working error

Mr. Toller's recently installed programme files stop running due the Windows defender wizard stops responding. While running the online error repair, this is found that in the middle of running online error repair, this is seen that in the middle of running online error recovery, the malware defender tools have stopped running. While locating the system 32 folder accesses, it is found that the Google Chrome Mail ID password has been changed. He was just shocked to find that his account has been accessed by someone else. The person is using his IP address to send mails. His Mailing messenger now stops the version programme application updates to respond hassle free in the same OS version.

He was totally perplexed as he lost his banking credential; details too from his laptop too.. While loading the online error recovery, his Skype Messenger stops running. While loading the online error restore recovery, he sees that 'user access for running Skype for business does not run in your computer' show up. None of his Windows Power shell reminded him for a malware attack in his OS version.

He called his technician to fix these errors in his machine. The technician came and fixed those errors within his machine. After few days the errors came back. He was so pissed that he was going to replace his Dell Inspiron with another one. At this point his cousin suggested him about powershell.exe error repair tool. Seeing no other option he got the tool installed within his OS version. And within moments 'fix powershell has stopped working error' crash got reconciled within the OS. After the rectification of these errors, 'fixed powershell has stopped working' she never saw 'Manage Office 365 Business using Power Shell' command execution crashing within her OS version again.

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