Error kernelbase

There is a java application ARISg which is freezing sometimes such as weekly or once in a moth and the services related to the application are getting stuck or stalled badly and when William restart the services/ server it started working. The CPU and memory usage are under threshold. Application Error: Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 6.1.7601.18798, time stamp: 0x5507b87a, such details cropped up after he has run the Event Viewer in the machine. He has no idea how to clean up the corrupted dll file, as he is a common user and need to get rid of such issue as soon as possible.

ITunes works perfectly in the Windows 8 operating system based ASUS computer. But while Matilda from Ontario hasclicked on the iTunes store button, then on the computer screen 'kernelbase.dll file causing appcrash'. She have uninstalled iTunes and reinstalled, but still such situation appeared and make the system slow down and badly infected. She has tried to eradicate the issue according to her computer knowledge. That's why she become able to boot in safe mode and everything works fine. But the specific process won't make any kind of changes in the machine and failed to resolve the problem. In fact, after completing the booting process, the Windows Update process become unable to work in the machine even after trying a lot. That means the error of kernelbase file is badly infected and spread over the machine, so have to get rid of such issue as soon as possible.

To drag out the above mentioned some other kernelbase.dll file related errors, users only need to run some effective fixer. With the help of kernelbase.dll error repair tool, all those above mentioned problems can confiscate easily. To accomplish the process only need is to invest a minimal amount of money and install it in the machine.

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