Can't open winlogon desk 5

Customers cannot open the winlogon.exe with 5 effective trials if there is any hard ware issue in the system.

LogonUI.exe error are generally found associated with winlogon.exe issues that gradually show messages with 0x00000000 referenced memory at 0x00000000 error location. You might encounter difficulties to read and write on that file. Many customers have reported that they have observed some difficulties in logging in the system either in safe or in normal mode with error location 0x00000000 in the system. The issue can be triggered of you are using the splash top browser in your system. The application of deviant ART might have also been responsible in such cases.

The high CPU usage caused by random activation of winlogon.exe files in the Task Manager of the PC can bring down several shut down and restart issues. If you have Windows 8 pro 64 bit operating system you can encounter with the PC sluggishness and system delay issues in the computer. The CPU usage can increase 13 to 25 % within a few days. The Ctrl-Shift-Esc may not help you to bring The Task Manager function but can only point out random winlogon.exe activities. It can also become difficult for you to either shut down the PC or lock the Windows screen. However, some unexpected black screen and blue screen may appear instead of locking up the screen. You may have to use the reset button to bring the situation under control. The issues cannot take action when the windows take easy shutdown and restart. It has been reported by many that the Windows Performance Tool kit could not also work in such cases. You can also choose to hide the administrative account if you have Windows operating system.

Winlogon.exe repair software can't solve the difficulty if you cannot open winlogon.exe drivers with 5 continuous trials.

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