Bluescreen tcpip.sys Windows XP

A client Windows XP computer could no longer connect to a network that it had been configured on - no other changes were made previously and it was still able to connect through the wireless setting on this same network.

The IPCONFIG was used to access and further analyse the IP settings - the system had then created one dialog saying that an internal error had occurred as the request was not supported. On checking the services, it had been found that the DHCP was disabled and on enabling it, another message was created.

This one had said that the DHCP Client services could not be started on the Local Computer along with the Error 1068, where the dependency service or group had failed to start. All other associated components like the NetBios, TCP/IP Protocol Driver, AFD and the Tcpip were working, as were the DHCP dependencies on the properties window and the registry. Some other things had been tried for this bluescreen tcpip.sys on Windows XP like uninstalling all affected drivers and running the Microsoft Security Essentials, SFC and Malware Bytes.

Another user who had encountered the same error had said that the DHCP client won't start due to its dependencies had used a tcpip.sys error fixing tool to solve it. An issue with the blue screen tcpip sys in Windows XP had hindered the computer's ability to connect to the router. It had first started up after some Windows Updates had been installed.

Through the ipconfig they had found that the DHCP process no longer worked or was just not activated - a netBT, located on the Device Manager that controlled several other services including the DHCP, had a warning symbol next to it. This normally happens when something is missing. A suggestion had been to reinstall this driver but it could not be installed again and now this system did not have any other way to access this network.

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