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Caroline from Tokyo said that she encountered kbdibm02 dll error on her Windows Vista computer when she was using the Microsoft IME for Japanese input. She said that the IME defaulted to Japanese Keyboard Layout even though she was using a UK Keyboard. She tried to choose any other keyboard but the Microsoft IME was not able to input Japanese. Caroline added that one of her friends encountered the same error on Windows XP.

After upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7, Sakiko from Fukuoka started experiencing a problem with Microsoft IME, Japanese, keyboard layout. She reinstalled Language Pack and reset the options for "Input settings" but still faced the same problem.

Akio from Hiroshima faced the kbdibm02 dll error after he installed Windows 7 Professional English version on his computer which had a Japanese keyboard. During the installation, he set the keyboard layout as 'Japanese', but later it started working like a US keyboard.

If one is looking for the best tool to fix various types of kbdibm02_dll errors such as kbdibm02.dll скачать then she or he must use the DLL suite from the reputed house of VSKsoft. This suite fixes all errors of DLL, EXE and SYS files. On order to keep away such errors, one must use Max Utilities from VSksoft.

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