IntelWiDiVAD64.exe download free and error fixing

If there are intelwidivad64.exe errors happening in Windows, DLL suite can be used to fix them.

What is intelwidivad64-exe?

The Intel WD Bus Enumerator Driver in Windows operating systems is known as intelwidivad64-exe. The file is located in the Windows registry and its importance can be seen from the fact that, any corruption to the file causes errors.

Intelwidivad64 exe errors:-

On HP touch screen laptops many users have seen that, after the installation of the Windows 10 update, the touch screen stops working. On troubleshooting, users get the error message that, the IWD bus Enumerator driver intelwidivad64.exe could not be reinstalled. In addition, if they run sfc/scannow the file is detected to be in the computer, but is corrupted and Windows Resource protection cannot repair it.

After the upgrade to Windows 10 on their Asus Computers, many users have found that, they were unable to establish wireless display Session to any Miracast receivers. Their connection attempts started timing out within seconds. The Intel video driver intelwidivad64_exe was dropping the connection because it was out of date.

With Windows 10 many users have seen that, intelwidivad64_exe being corrupted can stop them from adjusting the screen brightness and resolution. The driver might have been infected by Trojan:Win32/Peals.A!cl etc.

The solution:-

Removal of the threats using Hit malware is the first step. Once that is done, DLL Suite can be used to download and reregister an updated version of the intelwidivad64.exe file.

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