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To fix kbdkor.dll errors in Windows DLL Suite can be used.

Kbdkor dll what is it?

The Korean keyboard and mouse driver for Windows operating systems is known as kbdkor-dll. The file is located in the Windows registry and if the Windows registry gets corrupted, then users will see that, they are getting issues on their Windows 10 operating systems.

Errors related to the kbdkor-dll file:-

Users have seen that, they are unable to type Korean characters using Microsoft IME if the kbdkor.dll file is corrupted in the Windows 10 registry. If they start typing in Korean, on pressing the shift key, the Korean IME gets changed to English. A similar can happen after the reinstallation of Windows 10, on a new hard drive and users will see that, they have lost their Korean Language and IME keyboard.

After updating to Windows 10, many users have also seen that, they are unable to install updates like KB2686509 on their computers with the error code 0x8007F0F4. In addition, they are even unable to install the Korean keyboard on their computers and in spite of repeated attempts found the keyboard to be still in English. This can happen if the kbdkor_dll file is missing from the computer.

The solution:-

The issues can be resolved by removing the corrupted file and then installing, an uncorrupted version, with the help of kbdkor.dll download and fix tool DLL Suite.

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