KBDINGUJ.DLL download free and error fixing

To fix kbdinben.dll errors, one must have the DLL suite by VSKsoft.

Few months back, I had Windows XP SP3 installed on my laptop. I also installed MS Office 2003 on it. After opening the language bar, I tried to change the keyboard map and tried the Bengali map for testing. After I found Urdu Map, I removed the Bengali map. I downloaded Urdu font in Windows Font directory. A few days later, I noticed that my system started to type the character "-" automatically in any text input area. After going through different forums I came to know that it was the error of kbdinben.dll. As suggested by a number of computer users, I removed the voice recognition CTFMON stuff. I also uninstalled Office from my computer but still the error persisted.

One of my friends said that the app names on tiles of Windows 8.1 computer were having error. The content of the built-in apps was changed in French, however, their name were still in English. The result was that his start screen showed a "Weather" tile instead of the expected "Météo", and even app search did not find the weather app if he searched for "Meteo". The Windows Store, however, showed the French names for the installed applications.

I used the DLL suite from the reputed house of VSKsoft to fix kbdinben.dll errors. It is the best tool to fix such errors. This suite fixes all errors of DLL, EXE and SYS files.

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