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To fix kbdinben.dll errors, one must have DLL Suite from VSksoft.

Pranjali from Mumbai said that Marathi INSCRIPT Keyboard joining alphabets on her computer were not working. She said that she was trying to use the Marathi Keyboard but she was not able to join letters together. She tried to fix the problem by following a number of suggested solutions posted by members of various forums on the internet but nothing could repair the kbdinben.dll error.

Dhak Prasad from Nepal said that he had a Keyboard Layout from Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4 for Devanagari Script. He had to put 4 characters in each Keystroke. However, while typing characters as he pressed directly 'Keystroke' it made the input correctly but there was error in 'Caps Lock'. He said that it was creating problem and he could not type comfortable on his computer.

There are a number of free tools available on the market to fix the error. However, users who used the free tools have not given positive and healthy reviews about the performance of the tools.

Any user who is looking for a genuine tool to fix errors of kbdinben.dll, she or he must use the DLL SUITE from VSKsoft. It is considered as the best tool to fix such errors.

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