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To fix kbdhu.dll errors, one must have the DLL Suite from VSksoft.

Bence from Budapest said that he was using an English language Windows 8.1 and a Hungarian keyboard. He wanted to have only the Hungarian keyboard but he still kept the Windows Language in English. In all previous Windows versions, the English US keyboard did not appear but then it was there by default. Bence said if he went to Control Panel / Clock, Language, Region / Language, he had the Hungarian language and underneath it he could find the English (United States) Windows display language (override) Keyboard Layout:US. If he pressed options there under Input method, he found US there but the Remove button was not active. He googled the error an dfound it to be of kbdhu.dll file.

After upgrading the computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10, Botond from Debrecen said that he could not use Hungarian keyboard. He could not use the ampersand (&) on the login screen. When he pressed the buttons, no dot was seen on the password field. He said that he could still log in, if he switched the keyboard layout to English and use Shift+7 instead but the same problem persisted.

To fix such errors of kbdhu.dll, people must use the DLL Suite from VSksoft.

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