The following information is applied to the DLL files and their ZIP, Windows logo and the software.

  • The DLL contains the extension of .dll, .exe and .sys. They belong to their respective owners.
  • The WindowsErrorFixer.com does not claim ownership of DLL files on this site.
  • All files are tested with the latest antivirus and they are virus free. Please do a virus scan with the latest anti-virus.
  • All DLL and ZIP files are available for free download. They have not been tested for compatibility. The user needs to take all risks of any damages that may occur, such as file loss, system crashing, hardware damages.
  • If you have ownership of some DLL files, and you don't wish them to be free for distribution, please let us know. We don't want to violate copyright laws.
  • Windows Logo belongs to the Microsoft Inc.
  • The software on this site is a DLL files fixer. It helps clean up Windows Registry, fix DLL errors and download DLL files. If you download it from this site and buy later, then we will earn some commission.
  • Thank you for your time on reading this.