faulting module name dwmcore.dll

Dwm application errors have been encountered by many of you on Windows. These issues are the result of damaged files. You can find that out by checking the Event Viewer. You will see that a faulting module named dwmcore.dll is responsible for dwm appcrash. But that is not the only file that can cause an error like this.

It is common knowledge that Microsoft requires you to restart Windows after installing updates. But you may see that you get an error when you restart the system. The message states that Desktop Window Manager has stopped working. You can check the error logs. You will see that dwm appcrash is the problem event name. The faulting module name isdwmcore.dll or igd10iumd64.dll. The exception code is 0xc0000005. You will have to replace the corrupted files to fix this.

Some of you might be running Windows 8 on your laptops. You may see that you are unable to open programs from the desktop. You get the error message that dwm.exe has stopped working. You can check the appcrash error logs. You will see that the fault module name is StackHash_0a9e. You may even fail to reinstall the file. That can happen if the old damaged files are still in the registry.

DWM keeps crashing at login after recent Windows 10 anniversary update. This is another error that has been faced by many of you. You might be using a Dell Inspiron 7547 laptop. If you check the Event Viewer, you will see the true reason. You might find that dwm appcrash errors are happening. The fault module name is udwm.dll. The exception code is c00001ad.

Removing the corrupted modules along with the dwm files is the first step in fixing these issues. You can use a dwm.exe repair software for that. The same software can also download and reregister new versions of the required files.

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