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When faulting application name dwm.exe is shown in updated version of a computer, then the dwm.exe file should get repaired immediately to prevent further damage in the system. This faulting application will slow down the PC. And sometimes the PC might get frozen or hung up. So there should be an efficient software system, which can demolish the error properly from the system.

Windows 7 user Anna Moore has asked, that how she can get a download link for the DWM.exe file. She deleted the file, by mistake, and that was at least a few months ago and she can't do system restore to that date, before she deleted it. So, she asked, that is there any possible way to get the download link for the file.

There is error with dwm.exe/explorer.exe appearing in Windows 7. Harold Smith is receiving error 000000022 with dwm.exe/explorer.exe/. The laptop will not boot up as a result. If he boots into safe mode and restore to an earlier date, it will reboot properly but only one time. The next time he tries to boot the computer, and then he gets the error again and has to do another restore. Nothing has been recently installed or changed. Recently he got access to the laptop via wireless internet using a Sony BlueRay player to play a video file on the TV. Then also he got the same error problem.

Sasha Moore has asked, that csrss.exe is a safe process or not. When she starts her computer and she checks processes with Task Manager, then she sees a csrss process running that has no information, and it does not allow her to see any property or file location. If she changes this to show processes from all users, then she gets two csrss processes and they do allow her to see properties and they say, that they are from Microsoft. She also found a csrss in her registry.

When faulting application name dwm.exe is in updated version of PC, then one should apply dwm.exe fixer of VSKSoft to protect their PC.

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