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We have been receiving complaints from several months from numerous users getting error from dwm.exe file. This exe file must have got damaged in the system. An efficient software system can only repair this file properly. So we will tell you about that efficient software system, by which you can save your computer from any damage. Follow our article to know more about this issue.

Explorer.exe and dwm.exe do not respond. Recently we were on Skype and it showed blue screen. We logged back in after it starts up, and explorer doesn't load correctly, it just sits on a blank screen. If we close the process and restart it, we can get it to load the desktop, but nothing else. However if we end the dwm.exe process, then it seems to be fine. Today however explorer tells us, that there's not enough memory to open a window, which can't be. We checked the memory and its fine. There was nothing opened. Also the touch buttons, which used to pop up little icons and such, now don't and the Eco mode won't work at all, the button doesn't even light up.

There is appearing dwm.exe registry error message on start-up. Juliane Kvalbein is getting a registry error message, whenever she starts up her desktop computer. The error message is- it could not load or run C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Temp\dwm.exe specified in the registry. Make sure the file exists on your computer or remove the reference to it in the registry. This problem started after she ran SuperAntiSpyware. She tried to use CCleaner and Advanced System Care programs to correct this registry problem, but they didn't work. Her PC is a HP m8120n desktop running Windows Vista Home Premium. She needs immediate help to resolve this issue.

Are you also getting error from the dwm.exe? Then you simply go for the application of dwm.exe repair tool of VSKSoft to deal with the errors.

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