error dwm

There can be numerous types of problems or issues found with the computer which are caused by any file faults or any corrupted programs or damage of any applications. The error dwm can be found on any Windows operating system and the normal methods used for troubleshooting may or may not solve the issue.

The problem that is seen in Windows 7 is that multiple page faults with DWM.exe and Explorer.exe are seen. What measures can be taken to solve the issue and also what the actual cause of the issue is not known. Whatever attempts have been taken failed to solve the issue and the page fault issue cannot be fixed.

There is a problem with the d-link DWM-156 3g USB modem driver. The problem has been started very recently and after the computer has been upgraded from the Windows 7 to the Windows 8 version. Whether it is a compatibility issue or there is any other reason that is causing the problem is not known.

The operating system is Windows 10 where the Surface Pro 3 is running and the laptop on which the OS has been loaded is showing Surface 3 faulting application is dwm.exe and the dwmcore.dll module is the faulting module. The problem may arise daily or may occur after some couple of days. The PC is installed with all the latest updates and the problems seen with the system are event log errors with several faults, black screen lock up etc. What is the underlying cause of the issue and how to get it fixed by any easy means is not found.

The above issues along with the dwm.exe error can be easily fixed after installing the dwm.exe error fixing tool. The tool is also beneficial in preventing the system from further such issues.

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