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Desktop Windows Manager tends to get harmed very easily. After getting damaged, it gives numerous error problems from dwm exe file. Sometimes the error problems refuse to get removed from the system. At that point, you should go for the application of a well planned tool to repair the dwm.exe file. We will help you through this article to know more about this issue.

Windows 7 user Anna Bunton complained, that dwm.exe files are taking up too much memory. She upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 on her 3 year old Dell Laptop. She has a dwm.exe file running, which is hogging memory and causing a real slow down with a back-up drive attached. She has no idea about this problem. So, she is searching for a solution to solve this issue.

Windows 7-dwm.exe goes unresponsive constantly, how do we shut it down and fix it? Our Windows 7 Acer laptop is constantly showing, that dwm.exe is unresponsive and the CPU and memory usage are high, causing the entire PC to freeze or severely slow down. We think it has something to do with Aero and the desktop, but we are novice user. We ran the trouble shooter and it does not see a problem, even though it's showing the program is unresponsive. When we use Task Manager to shut it down, it doesn't work. This is happening because of the infected dwm.exe file

Dwm.exe has stopped working. This is an error message and Emily Atkinson has complained to get this message. She had a problem regarding dwm.exe. A pop up dialog box appears showing, that dwm.exe has stopped working, it pops up after every 1-2 minutes. She does not know what to do. She is currently running Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center.

Are you also getting error from dwm exe? Then this tool will surely help you in resolving your issues. Just apply dwm.exe repair tool of VSKSoft to save your PC.

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