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There is a vastly growing number of viruses every day. Thus it is not surprising that Windows can get infected in spite of our best efforts. Windows 7 files can get injected with malicious codes. One of the most commonly attacked files is dwm. Users can get massive Windows 7 dwm exe errors if the Desktop Window Manager file is compromised.

Colin Mahoney from Endeavour Hills, Victoria states that he has installed Windows 7 on multiple machines. He is running Windows 7 64 bits on all of them. They are connected through the same home network. But his network was attacked by a malware. Since then he is seeing that Windows 7 freezes on all his computers. Dwm, Desktop Window Manager is the file responsible for the freeze issues. He can see in the Task Manager that an infected dwm is causing high CPU usage of up to 100 percent. He is looking for a way to fix this Windows 7 dwm.exe error. A dwm malware removal tool can help in removing the threat and the file. Then he can use a dwm repair tool. It will download and install a new file.

John Reeves from Corning, New York says that he is running Windows 7 Professional on his Dell PC. His Windows was recently attacked by malware. He used an anti-virus to remove it. But since then he keeps getting the dwm.exe system error. The error message states that Windowscodecs.dll is missing. And the malware keeps being detected again and again. He can remove the infected file permanently along with the threat using a dwm virus removal tool. Then installing a new file will fix the issue.

Madison Blunt from Calumet City, Illinois mentions that she gets problems with dwm.exe on trying to play Solitaire or Hearts. The screen keeps flickering. She has to stop dwm from running to stop the flickering. Replacing the corrupted dwm file with a dwm exe repair tool can help.

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