dwm.exe windows 7 blue screen

There are instances wherein when a user turns on his/her system, a sight of blue screen is perceived on his/her machine. In such a case, a user remains completely confused as to what the same should really be considered as. The automatic query, which keeps buffering their mind, is similar to the one as - Is it a kind of error or somebody has most necessarily played a prank with your system? In this context, it ought to be made clear that the aforementioned phenomenon is related to dwm.exe Windows 7 blue screen issues.

There is no specific genre of the issue, which you shall have to deal with, but the list of potential issues is quite endless. It is beyond the scope of this write-up to discuss them all. However; one of the most prominent sorts of issues remains explicit to a scenario wherein it is found that Windows 10 dwm keeps causing a huge CPU usage. To be a bit more specific about such a type of the fault, it could well be said that as and when an attempt is made so as to play a Flash or HTML5 or any video in general, it shall cause the Windows Desktop Manager along with that application to bring the CPU utilization value to no less than 99%. The real point of worry with such an issue is that this sort of fault is perceived in all major browsers.

On an Emachine D442 running Windows 8, whenever a user logs into an account in PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2, it is noted that a specific instance of a conhost.exe process always remains in an open state. This specific sort of issue remains explicit to conhost.exe unnecessary High CPU load and the utilization value is no less than 99%.

All sorts of dwm.exe blue screen issues in Windows 7 could prove to be a major headache if you are not willing to adopt measures to fix them all. A dwm.exe fixing tool could qualify as the best available choice.

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