dwm.exe win32k.sys bsod

We all are well aware about the BSOD or blue screen of death issue. When the Desktop Windows Manager or dwm.exe gets infected for any reason, then there may appear BSOD problem in win32k.sys for dwm.exe file.

Windows 10 Pro RDP causes dwm.exe to almost max out the processor. Sonia Monte from Peru has complained about this issue. She has upgraded a PC on her network to Windows 10. The job of this PC is to run a TV Tuner. Previously on Windows 7, RDP sessions did not affect the CPU noticeably. However, since upgrading to Windows 10, immediately after connecting via RDP to the PC, the CPU would almost hit 100% to a process called dwm.exe, which ends badly, if she shuts that process down. Immediately after closing RDP and logging in physically, the CPU would be around 1% to 5% utilized. It has a dual core Pentium processor 1.73 GHz.

Since updating our Windows from Vista to Windows 7, we have dwm.exe application error (0xc0000006). We have researched this error online and we are more confused than ever as it's described as a virus on some sites. We are looking for a quick fix to this problem. The dwm application error is appearing every now and then. We are also unable to find anything, which can repair this dwm.exe file.

There is higher dwm.exe CPU usage in Surface Pro 4, when resumes from sleep than usual. Shelly Parker has complained about this problem. She has started new Surface Pro 4. Dwm.exe CPU usage is about 0%, when it is idle. When it resumes from sleep, then dwm.exe CPU usage is about 1-2%. If she logs off and re-logon, then dwm.exe CPU usage is about 0 %. So, she wants to know, that what is dwm.exe doing, when resumes from sleep. She is suspecting it to be some kind of virus or malware.When there is BSOD issue in win32k.sys for dwm.exe file, then there should be dwm.exe repair tool of VSKSoft.

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