dwm.exe Windows 8.1 error

A series of errors had only appeared on Mary Hilliard's computer after she had installed the Windows 8.1 update. Everything on her computer had worked well for a week till she had started to install some programs and these had begun to slow down the system and it was not able to recover from it.

So then she had to find some way to prevent the Desktop Windows Manager from running amok, she had first begun by investigating the computer. It was then that she noticed a dwm.exe process that is used by the desktop Windows manager - this file was carrying out some tasks during which time it had used too much of the CPU.

This one process had used over 45% of the CPU and oscillated between this and 100% and over 1 GB of RAM. By this time, all programs would freeze and rebooting the computer had only helped for a little while.

Usually in a normal state, this dwm.exe would only use 10 MB which is about just 1% of the CPU. So her doubts on this dwm.exe Windows 8.1 error were how she could disable this program as it was affecting the UX and if this wasn't possible, if there was a way to stop this process.

The updates that had been installed were for the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 and 2010 and uninstalling the last three had not made any difference to this issue. some of the things that she had already tried for this dwm exe Windows 8.1 error were a dwm.exe fixing tool, changing some of the graphic cards and adding new RAM.

This process will increase the amount of memory being used with each new program that's opened. Other things that can be tried here are the System Maintenance trouble shooter that on running should be able to diagnose and even fix this issue.

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