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Desktop Window Manager is one of the essential components of the Microsoft OS. Dwm is the file that help it to run. But we might see that dwm stops responding on Windows 8.1. The file might be corrupted or missing. We will have to find a dwm.exe download for Windows 8.1 to replace the file. Some of the issues which we might face because of dwm corruption can be seen below.

We often run Windows 10 on our laptops. But we might see that after installing Microsoft updates we are getting issues. We start getting an error message. It displays that Windows 10 dwm.exe has stopped working and is crashing. We can check the event logs for more details. We will see that dwm appcrash issues are happening. The fault module name is dwmcore.dll. The exception code is c0000602. We will have to replace the corrupted dwm files to resolve this issue.

There are some of us who have Windows 7 as the OS on our PCs. Sometimes, we see that on starting Windows an error message keeps repeating itself. The dwm bad image error message states that d3d10_1.dll is not designed for Windows. The message may also state that the file is corrupted. Additionally, we might see that the transparent Aero effect and Aero peek keep failing to work. Windows dwm file corruption is responsible for this.

The fix for these dwm issues can be found by using a dwm exe fix tool. The tool can remove the corrupted files. It can then download dwm.exe for Windows 8.1, Win 7 or Windows 10 depending on the operating system. It will also reinstall the file.

Another issue can benefit from the same solution. While cleaning Windows 7 we might have accidentally deleted the dwm file. We might be left asking where to get a download link for the dwm.exe file. The right tool can do the task for us.

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