dwm.exe Windows 7 freeze

Dwm.exe issues in Windows 7 can cause troubles like screen crashes and Windows freezing. The can prove to be unmanageable if the Client tries to ignore the problem.

Maria is a game loving person and she uses the PC for playing video games most of the time whenever she feels free from her daily work schedule. She has confirmed the experts that she plays games like Rainbow Six: Siege till the time the frames drop down to the level of 40 and within a few seconds after that it falls to 1-2 fps. She has attempted to revive in that condition of screen crashes by pressing atl + tabs but the screen turned black instead of getting back to the earlier condition. The screen resolution could not also be seen in the same condition as it has got locked at a particular 1600x900 rate. Another of her revival attempt failed, grey boxes appeared while restarting the computer system. The problem module name is dwmcore.dll and the error code appears to be c0000005 for this particular error.

Terry has been viewing some important videos online but the Internet explores crashes when he turned the video screen full screen. It has also taken automatic restarts, just after a complete crash as per the customer. Dwm.exe freezing issues in Windows 7 would cause the Desktop Window Manager crashes while hitting the ESC key to get out of the full screen Window. These crashes are common irrespective of HTML5 and the flash Videos.

Every product claims to be the vest in this high competitive market of tech issue solving products. The demands of the products are also increasing along with the increasing troubles. however, the user must be pretty careful before selecting any product. The right dwm.exe file repair would always have a better solution.

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