dwm.exe Windows 7 crash

When your Windows 7 system will crash constantly, then chances are very high for the dwm.exe to have been damaged and hence this crashing is taking place. This crashing problem may occur in all Windows OS. But this article will only deal with dwm.exe crash problems in Windows 7 system. We have given you the solution to resolve this issue properly.

There is dwm.exe 0xc0000005 error on startup. Divya Sharma from U.K. has complained to get this trouble. She is getting dwm.exe not working 0xc0000005 error on startup. Screen goes grey and will not start up. Only option is to click ok to close the application, whence she gets stuck with a grey screen, which does not belong to anything.

Louise Bennin has complained to have seen csrss.exe virus on his computer. A few days ago his computer had been attacked by viruses, he has done dozens of scans and now he is certain, that from where the virus is coming from. All of his security scans are saying, that the problem is the csrss.exe file. Now from his research, this file is very important and it is not recommended to delete. He has also found out, that some viruses disguise themselves as this file. Now his first question is, which csrss.exe is the virus? One of the files is under the system32 folder and another csrss.exe file is in AppData\Microsoft\System\Services. And his second question is how he deletes it, because from recent virus scans it says, that it has email hack viruses in it. He has tried using Windows Task Manager and it says only one csrss.exe file is running.

When there will be dwm.exe crash problem in the Windows 7 machine, then you just can purchase and apply dwm.exe file fixer of VSKSoft. This is the most powerful tool to resolve all error problems from computer system.

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