dwm.exe Windows 10 CPU

In Windows 10 dwm.exe high CPU can start to happen if the exe file is running multiple processes at the Task Manager. The exe file is located at the C drive and it should be fixed as soon as possible. This file plays a pivotal role in the system.

Dwm.exe Application Error has started to take place to start up the PC. This was Windows 8 operating system and it was stuck at the loading screen. Then it turned fully grey and the error message was 'the Application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application.' Due to the message the PC was unable to run in normal mode.

In Windows 10 dwm.exe has stopped working error message used to pop-up on the screen. The operating system was preinstalled in the PC. All the updates were installed still it was showing error messages. The PC was unable to launch applications for example Adobe Reader, Skype and MS Office 2010 3.2 bits.

DWM.EXE memory spiked, resulting in aero being disabled, when using a window on a monitor driven by a secondary video card in a PC that was running on Windows 7 operating system. The primary video card was fully updated. The PC was unable to launch Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The PC specifications are Intel core i7 2600K at 3.4GHz CPU, 16 GB RAM, Gigabyte P67a-ud7-b3 motherboard, x AMD Radeon 6970 2GB video card, Crucial real SSD C300 SATA3 256GB hard disk.

For the errors for example dwm exe high CPU in Windows 10, install software. Install the dwm.exe fix tool. This is the tool that you can use on any version of the operating system as well as it is capable of fixing any program file issues of C folder.

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