dwm.exe Windows 10

The PC that was used by Ms. Charlotte Danbury was running Windows 10 Professional; it developed this issue where a message had said that the dwm.exe process had stopped working and was followed by the system freezing.

It had reached a stage where she had then decided on scanning her system to see if any malware was on it. This had found one Trojan that had the capability of deleting all%systemroot%\strings.txt files. This is probably the situation that Charlotte had found herself in as she was looking for a way to restore rich text files under the assumption that this dwm.exe in Windows 10 problem would go away.

She wasn't too eager to reset the PC and had tried out the CHKDSK and the SFC scans many times - neither had found any bad memory sectors. Charlotte had then run Windows in the safe mode and then carried out a clean boot. This process had been activated on its own and had been discovered when she was checking for other faulty services in the safe mode. A clean boot had been done earlier and all of them had been working correctly. She had been able to find one start up items called MDI264 and had deleted one .dll file that it used from the User Temp folder via the CMD boot.

All other symptoms connected to the dwm.exe on Windows 10 had subsided after this but then her system would redirect her to the C:\Windows\sysWOW64\rundll32.exe each time this process location had been accessed. The rundll32.exe is supposed to be in the system32 folder.

Here it would have been better to work on removing this Trojan and all other viruses that it could have downloaded. It may have corrupted the dwm.exe process that can be repaired with a dwm.exe error fixing tool.

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