dwm-w046 driver

Desktop Window Manager is one of the most important programs for the Microsoft operating system. The desktop can start crashing if it fails to work. Windows desktop icons can become inaccessible after that. The main reason for these issues is often found to be dwm-w046 exe driver corruption. These errors are simple enough and do not require a Windows reinstallation to get fixed. A simple reinstall of an uncorrupted copy of the dwm file can fix the issues. And to download the file and reinstall it, a dwm.exe fixer can be used. Some of the errors can be seen below.

On many Windows 7 operating systems, it is seen that registry corruption affects the dwm file. After starting Windows, desktop loads. But immediately an error message pops up on the screen. The dwm.exe application error message states that the application was unable to start correctly. The exception code 0xc0000185 is also seen at start-up. The solution for these issues can be found by installing a new copy of the dwm file.

Similar issues can be encountered on clean installations of Windows 10 too. On starting the PC, the Win 10 loading screen appears. But following that a dwm.exe application error message pops up on the screen. It states that the application failed to start correctly. The exception code 0xc0000142is also seen with the error. Windows can be started in safe mode. Replacing the dwm file in safe mode can help resolve this problem.

Even applications on Windows can get affected by dwm file damage. An example of this can be seen on Windows 8. It is seen that there is high RAM usage by dwm.exe process when moving or resizing the Google Chrome tab. Reinstalling Google Chrome will not fix this. The issue is caused by dwm-w046 driver corruption. However, installing a new copy of the dwm file can provide an easy solution.

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