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It can be said that ntdll file is one of the most important files for a PC. It has been observed that this dll file missing or crashing errors are making the PC slow at start up and boot up errors are also coming up. People are getting panicked as some of the applications are crashing desperately. Therefore, the errors that are common are discussed below. You can have a look at the issues.

Many of the customers come up saying that ntdll.dll file is corrupted. This is become a common issue for customers all over the world now. When this file is corrupted, people may often try to go for new ntdll.dll file to download. But, free file brings more issues in the system and takes a lot of time too. When there is already a new file downloaded and starts corrupting, there is a huge chance of system crash. This type of file may have virus and it can cause fatal error to your PC.

Other issues can also become a major one like the desktop notification in a dialog box as C:\windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll d936e9b1-551f-11e1-9179-4cedde07d3c6 The Event ID is 62069. When any new application is installed, ntdll file is getting corrupted. The PC is not opening in Safe mode. The machine is restarting automatically. The 'excel', PowerPoint and faulting module issues are there.

Commonly, Office applications do not work properly. A message comes up continuously saying that Office products crashed upon launch (0xc0000374 exception). The Windows applications are getting unresponsive and none of the loaded files are working properly.

To all such issues of ntdll file, it can be said that you must use ntdll.dll error fix tool. This tool can wipe out the errors and also can bring your machine to a new speed. Try and get the best results.

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