Blue screen tcpip.sys XP

Escott had spent some time online looking for some solutions for the issue that he had on his Windows XP computer. He had found these strange blue screen error message after the system had crashed.

These had one kind of error messages and will only appear when there is some very serious issue with the system or any of the thousands of files on it. This one here had kept describing the same error - DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL - frequently and had always surrounded the tcpip.sys driver.

It had been discovered with the help of the Blue Screen Viewer tool first and to get more information on it, they had used the WhoCrashed program that had said that this due to the Kaspersky antivirus. It had said that the computer had crashed due to the kl1.sys module and had a bug check code of0x100000D1.

The support team over at Kaspersky had to be contacted for this one and they had said that this was due to the blue screen tcpip.sys on XP. Also, the only time that it had ever appeared was when two browsers were being used at the same time.

A simple for this BSOD is a tcpip.sys file fixer that can be used to find all system files and replace them, this one included. These appear when the system attempts to access page able memory, the typical causes for it are bad device drivers, faulty RAM and corrupted page files.

Tools such as this one can be used only on the drivers; the other system hardware will have to be checked first and then fixed through a system reinstallation using the Windows Disc. Since this blue screen tcpip sys in XP had mentioned only one file, it may only require a replacement or reinstallation of this network drive.

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