Blue screen tcpip.sys Windows XP

Different system files indicate their functions with their names like the configure.sys files contribute in setting the configuration of the computer. The tcpip.sys system files aid in transferring data via TCPIP transfer protocol. This file also coordinates the hardware systems with the software. Thus, it extends direct influence on the Windows functions of the internal devices in Windows operating system.

This DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL issue can damage most of the driver and PC systems, especially when you have Windows Vista, slower than the other operating systems. You should always be aware of the symptoms of this types of file errors and immediately run restarts to refresh the PC system. You should also visit the Windows Device manager to check whether there is any hardware installation is left in the middle way. The machine can be run in safe mode to verify the BIOS settings. You can restart your computer with the F8 button if the PC cannot be run in safe mode in usual way. You would not have to worry too much if the safe mode starts with a usual blue screen view.

You can observe sudden blue screen and BSOD issues at the time of downloading online games or streaming online videos. The tcpip.sys seems to be the root of the problem but if you can manage this driver issue simply by a few updates that would put aside your valuable time by lingering over this PC corruption.

The blue screen issues caused by tcpip.sys corruption in Windows XP operating system gets repeated again and again. However, a perfect tcpip.sys file issues can support the multi-tasking activities along with curing file corruption troubles. The customers would not have to break either any of the PC components or hurt themselves for this minor tcpip.sys blue screen issues in Windows XP operating system.

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