BSOD winlogon

The computer that is running with the Windows operating system may show the BSOD or the blue screen error while using the MS Office or playing any games on the system or using the Internet Explorer of any version. The blue screen is a fatal error for the Windows operating system and the problem may show several error messages or codes. The system screen freeze and there may be hardly any option to get rid of this except the power button off. The BSOD winlogon issue can be found on any Windows operating system and the problem may require the specific error solving tools.

The Windows Vista is the operating system where the user wants the Welcome screen on for a single user and that with no password. After searching the system with and the internet for the solution for the issue, no such solutions are found. How to force the Welcome Screen on for a single user with no password is not known. There are many such options which have been attempted to solve the issue and those failed.

There is a system that is a Windows 7 version and there is a problem with the winlogon.exe that is creating .tmp file. Why the process is creating the .tmp file in the directory C:\Documents and Settings\myname\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\ is not found.

In another case, the infected winlogon.exe and explorer.exe has been deleted accidentally on XP Pro PC and that needs a recovery console. The Windows XP Pro is the operating system that is running on the Dell Optiplex and is being infected by a Trojan. The error message comes after showing the BSOD or the blue screen of death error and the problem is not solved by the usual methods.

In solving the above problems, the installation of the winlogon.exe fixing software is very effective.

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