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Priya from Delhi said that she encountered kbdnecat.dll error on her Windows 7 computer. She said that the "@" key on her Japanese laptop did not function correctly since she upgraded from Japanese Windows XP to English Windows 7.

For some reason, it would either type an English keyboard "[" or else it switched the keyboard input method from Japanese to English.

She wanted to switch between English and Japanese input, using a Japanese keyboard layout. She tried a number of methods to solve the problem but all failed.

Ian said that he had Japanese USB keyboard attached to his Windows 7 Lenovo W510 laptop. He said that the key mapping on the laptop itself was fine but the key mapping when using the USB keyboard was completely wrong in both EN and JP modes. He tried adding a Japanese keyboard to both EN and JP in the language bar and it gave a different layout but it did not match the one on the physical keyboard.

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