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To fix kbdnec95.dll error, one must have the DLL Suite from VSKsoft.

Satchiko from Osaka said that she rolled back from Windows XP Home version to Windows 7 on her Japanese Dell laptop. She had the number lock turned on, so the keyboard was typing numbers instead of typing letters. She wanted to fix the problem and by mistake she had reinstalled Windows 7 twice. The last install was with English as the default language and English keyboard. She wanted the keyboard to be on a Japanese layout. However, she could not get it right by adding the Japanese keyboard through the control panel and setting that to the default keyboard. She deleted the English keyboard but the kbdnec95.dll error persisted.

Sango from Nagoya used a Japanese layout Dell keyboard. After upgrading the computer from Windows Vista to Windows 8, she faced kbdnec95.dll error. Even if she changed the layout to Japanese IME, or to English with Japanese layout, it was still sticking to the US layout. She said that she wanted to type in Japan but she could not.

Many such users face errors like this but they cannot fix the error. The best tool to repair this error is the DLL Suite from the reputed house of VSKsoft. It helps to fix all kinds of DLL error.

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