KBDYBA.DLL download free and error fixing

To fix kbdfa.dll errors, one must have the DLL Suite from VSKsoft.

kbdfa.dll is a very important file of the Persian Keyboard layout of Windows and if there is any error in the file, the keyboard will also not work properly.

Parviz Naaseri said that he was facing much problem because the Persian Keyboard layout of Windows was not correct. He said that he always changed the kbdfa_dll in System32 folder with another file with same name that contained the correct Persian Keyboard layout. He did this with Windows XP and VISTA. However, when he did this in Windows 7, the operating system crashed after the reboot and he had to recover the system by reverting to a saved image of the operating system.

Sajjad encountered kbdfa.dll error on his Windows 7 x86 (32 Byte) computer. He had a problem with display of the letter " ? " in the browsers. He said that he had downloaded a kbdfa_dll for his computer. He had replaced it and words in Persian had crashed. He could not use the Persian Keyboard like earlier.

Though we cited only two examples, there are hundreds and thousands of users who face the same error but cannot repair the error properly. If you too are among those users, you must use the DLL Suite from VSKsoft.

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