the module mf.dll failed to load

Different version of Windows are used by all of you. Some of you use Windows 7 while some Windows 8 and so on. But all of you have one thing in common. At one point or other you have encountered errors on your PC.

For example, many of you use Windows 8. You may also be running Windows Movie Maker 2012 on Win 8. But sometimes you see that Windows Movie Maker 2012 is not working. On starting it you get an error message. It states that the module mf.dll failed to load and the program can't be started. This can happen if the mf file is missing from Windows. You will need to reinstall the file to fix this.

There is a reason why many experts suggest on not editing the registry manually. Often many of you make changes to the mf.dll file in the system32 folder. From then on you see that you are unable to play audio files in Windows Media Player. This can happen if you have accidentally removed the mf file. It can also happen if you have written over the true file. You can try regsvr32 to reregister the mf file. But it is likely that you will get another error message. It will state that while the module mf was loaded, the DllRegisterserver entry point was not found. On restarting, you will see that Windows keep showing the module mf .dll failed to load.

There is a way to fix these problems without needing to reinstall Windows. You can simply reinstall the mf file. You can download the required version of the file using an mf.dll error fixing tool. Then you can use the same tool to reinstall the file to its correct location. If there is a corrupted copy of the file already installed, the tool can help in removing that too.

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