Windows 8 ntfs_file_system

You will probably find these blue screens errors on a Windows 8 computer connected to a system fault known as an ntfs system file error. They might appear after new software or hardware has been installed, when new drivers are being loaded or when shutting down or starting up your system.

There is one such case where the user had seen this NTFS File System blue screen after he had completed a clean installation of Windows 8 x64 Professional on the SSD. This OS had been saved on a USB drive that was then supposed to run or get installed on a desktop that was custom built. So far only a DVD reader and a drive were connected to this system that could be booted using the USB drive.

He had to enter in the product activation key and then choose the drive that he wanted to run, which was the 70 GB SSD that was formatted later on. Then the rest of the set up continues but after completing the copying of all Windows Files, it developed this blue screen once the progress reached 18%, containing a notification and additional technical details over a Windows 8 ntfs_file_system error.

This is one way that this ntfs related BSOD can appear and most of them can be monitored with a ntfs.sys fixing tool. This software can be installed on your system after you have found the ideal solution for the blue screen issue.

So here he had ensured that all SSD firmware being used had been updated to the new version and that all storage drivers were updated as well - a standard way to troubleshoot the Windows 8 ntfs file system problem as all of the 2011 drivers are known to develop some form of bug with while being used with SSDs. Information on other possible issues can be found on the memory dump files.

ntfs.sys fixing software