regedit has stopped working

Regedit exe process has stopped working error message pop-ups on the Windows screen all of a sudden after system reboots. The problem started after installation of latest Windows updates. This issue was reported by a customer operating on his Windows 8 laptop from Montreal city. He said that when he is trying to start the regedit.exe application, at launch the application failed to start showing the error message pop-ups on the monitor. He said that he had tried hard to repair it by running error fixing tool. But nothing proved fruitful.

Registry Exe files are disabled in Registry, this issue was reported by an end user from North California. He said that he cannot repair the problem by running troubleshooter. Even he reported that he gave a call to a tech support team at his home. But still after that the same problem returns back again when system restarts few hours later. So, he asks how he can fix this problem.

Windows XP client from Indonesia says that Windows Explorer won't load on startup after he had upgraded his operating systems last night. In order to solve the problem he said that he checked online for a proper solution. But no real solution was found. So, he often questions how to correct this problem on his computer.

A PC user from British Columbia reports that he cannot import registry file, when he is attempting to do so, always he is getting error message that says cannot import file and even he reported about error accessing the registry in Vista. Running error repairing tool failed to repair the problems. Being tired with such problems often he enquires how to repair this problem on PC.

In order to troubleshoot regedit.exe has stopped working and other problems, simply download and install a reliable regedit repair tool from a well known website.

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