acpi memory failed

Computers tend to give various error messages in pop up boxes. The error message appears, when any system file gets corrupted. One of the most common error messages is acpi memory is failed. This message appears for the damaged acpi.sys file. You can stop this message from coming very easily. We will share the remedy here.

James Pitt is receiving stop-0x0000007e (0XFFFFFFFFC0000420, 0XFFFFF8800111577A0, 0XFFFFF880009A8CE8, 0XFFFFF880009A8410) error codes. He just built a new computer for his parents. He is currently trying to load Windows 7 64 bits with service pack from a bootable USB stick, however, he is getting a BSOD or blue screen of death at startup. It will load the Windows files, then get to the Windows flag, wait for sometimes, and go to BSOD (the flag doesn't ever appear, but it does say starting Windows).

Lyly Anderson is getting problem with usbser.sys BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER (fe). He has a problem, when using any device that uses usbser.sys (cdc-acm driver). He has tried a couple of different usb-serial converters that use this driver with the same problem. If the device is attached during shutdown, then he gets a BSOD or blue screen of death with BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER (fe). This only happens, when he has a PCI video compression card attached at the same time (Dahua VEC8016HB). If either the compression card or serial converter is disabled, the problem does not occur. He suspects, it might have something to do with the compression card, but at the same time, he has found several posts on other forums with the same bug check signature without getting this specific compression card.

It is very common to get the error message, saying acpi sys memory is failed. But it does not order us to buy new PC or call technician to fix it. If you can purchase the acpi.sys error repair tool, then all your problems will get resolved very easily without any hard work. You can use this tool without any computer knowledge.

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