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It is often seen that a Windows running computer is failing to start properly.On starting the PC the screen turns blue.Then Windows displays that it has to be shut down to prevent more damage. Windows automatically shuts down and restarts.The issue repeats all over again. This event is called a blue screen of death or BSOD. Normally, it happens if Windows is failing to load a driver file like acpi.

Driver files are often seen with .sys extensions. These are actually small programs that help Windows to start properly.Now let's say, acpi is the driver failing to load.This means it is corrupted. So the question arises, is the laptop beyond repair? Is it required to buy a new one?Or is it necessary to buy a new version of Windows? There is no need for such steps. There is a far easier solution. The damaged acpi driver has to be replaced. In order to do that, it is required to start the PC in safe mode. Once the power is turned on, the F8 key on the keyboard needs to be pressed constantly. That will give the boot option to load Windows in 'safe mode with networking'.Then it will be necessary to find a free download acpi sys vpc2004 download. An acpi.sys fixing tool can help to download the required file and install it.

An example may explain how useful this solution is. After upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 it is often see that the laptop is not booting. A blue screen shows up. On the screen it is seen that a 'driver power state failure error' has happened. The technical details show the BSODcode stop 0x0000009f. The reason for the error can be seen by starting Windows in safe mode. A freeware like BlueScreenView can be run. It will show that the BSOD was caused by acpi. A free download of acpi vpc2004 driver can be found and installed to fix this.

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