can i remove ctfmon exe

If you have opened the Windows Task Manager for the first time itself with the sole intention of tracking down a particular problem, you must have come across a file better termed as - ctfmon.exe. The real cause of concern remains in the fact that disabling the executable process from MSCONFIG doesn't make it go away. This is exactly when one remains motivated in posing a query as - 'can I remove ctfmon exe'?

Before delving any further into the types of issues faced by one and all concerned, it makes sense that one realizes as what could be the apt fixing methodology necessarily involved. In one generic type of fault, it is perceived that during Windows startup process, the system simply cannot find igfxtray.exe or hkcmd.exe. After a certain interval, the computer prompts the user to select a particular service termed as - 'chess'. The real cause of concern is that performing an overall System Restore operation and using a tool such as - 'Wise Fixer' proves to be of bare aid in eliminating such a type of fault.

In another common type of fault, it is noticed that IE9 memory usage in task manager keeps climbing until it hangs for an indefinite period. Owing to such a type of fault, it is merely not possible to launch the browser. The peak value of memory usage reaches till 900 KB and then the browser hangs completely. An attempt to eliminate such a type of fault by disabling all the add-ons hardly proves to be of any advantage. In this context, it ought to be made clear that running the Fixit tool proves to be of bare aid in tackling such a form of issue.

In case you are still confused at the thought as if I can remove errors specific to ctfmon exe, you need to realize the importance of ctfmon.exe repair tool.

ctfmon.exe fix tool