dwm exe high cpu usage

Are you encountering frequent lagging on your machine because of high usage of memory on your system? Furthermore; this type of the issue might flare-up even when there is some sort of problem with the properties of Windows. This sort of dwm exe high CPU usage issue ought to be eliminated as soon as possible and the best way of doing the same is with the aid of the dwm.exe error repair tool.

Some of the common forms of issues shall be discussed in this particular write-up. One type of issue refers to a scenario wherein it is found that one constantly keeps getting dwn.exe error at the startup phase. The Exception Code is c0000005 and the Exception Data is 0000000000000008. Furthermore; the Locale ID of the issue is best represented by the numerical value as - 2060.

When a query as the one specific to 'Why Five dwm.exe process are running simultaneously?' gets posted online, the same clearly suggests the limited amount of technical knowledge and understanding on the part of all concerned. The movement of the mouse keeps happening in an erratic manner and it is also quite difficult to swap between windows. The high amount of CPU consumption is owing to the fact that as many as five processes remain executing or running constantly.

When it is found that multiple csrss.exe processes keep running in a simultaneous manner, it is difficult to understand the reason behind the same. There are many instances wherein in every system; as many as two different processes always remain in an all-time execution mode.

Aero/Desktop Window Manager Fault (error codes: 0x40010004 & 0xc00002fe) remains associated with a fault description clearly suggesting something as - 'The Desktop Window Manager was unable to start because a composited theme is not in use'.

The fault as high CPU usage caused by dwm exe flares-up even when the system remains in an idle state.

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