dwm download windows 7

The different types of problems found with the computer or laptop running with Windows operating system can be seen. The problem related to the dwm.exe download on Windows 7 or other versions can be very annoying and you can get the issue at any point of time while using the computer.

The problem that is faced on the computer is with the Windows 7 operating system that has been recently installed on the machine. Suddenly the machine started showing the error where the dwm.exe is related to the error. The DWM.exe crash on start-up and this is seen whenever the Windows 7 version is logged in. There are no viruses found on the machine when scanned and the personalization options are working.

There is the dem.exe process name found on the machine which is loaded with the Windows 8 version and the processor fan starts moving very fast than the usual whenever the machine is left for few minutes. What is dwm.exe and why is it using 100% of the processor, even when the machine is idle is not clear. On scanning the system for the virus or malware, nothing is detected. What can be the cause of the issue is not found.

There is a Asus laptop that is running with the Windows 7 Home Premium with 64 bits operating system and the memory has been upgraded from 2GB to 4 GB very recently and Windows Desktop Manager (dwm.exe) is taking too much memory (over 1 GB), on the machine. Whether this is normal or not is not understood. The process dwm.exe is taking up only 50 MB of memory in other machines, but here it is taking up too much memory. Restarting the machine can help for some time.

Whatever problems you are getting with dwm download for Windows 7 or may be other problems with dwm.exe processes on the PC or the laptop, the installation of the dwm.exe error repair tool can be the best way to fix them.

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